CHARLESTON, WV— After being called out for a pattern of making sweetheart deals with the opioid industry, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is trying to mislead the public about his involvement in the McKesson case.


After officials in the Justice Administration raised concerns over a pending McKesson settlement, and Governor Justice admitted to being “aware” of a settlement in the works, Patrick Morrisey is trying to distance himself from another horrible settlement on his watch that amounts to just pennies per pill.


WATCH: Morrisey tries to hide his sweetheart deal with McKesson.


In the fall of 2016, Morrisey bragged about taking the charge to sue McKesson. Now, weeks before the 2018 election, Morrisey is trying to claim he isn’t involved in the case.


“Pat Morrisey can’t hide his record of selling out West Virginia to the opioid companies that he used to lobby for,” said U.S. Senator Joe Manchin. “Morrisey is trying to rewrite history so he won’t be blamed for another horrible settlement that will let McKesson off the hook.”


MORRISEY IN 2016: I sued McKesson, one of the largest healthcare companies in the nation.

MORRISEY IN 2018: I’m not involved in the case. I stepped away from that case.

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