CHARLESTON, WV — After U.S. Senator Joe Manchin accepted two statewide debates, Pat Morrisey continues to try and avoid discussing his record of trying to take away coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and lobbying for powerful corporations in Washington.


Manchin agreed to an October 14 debate hosted by NCWV Media, H-D Media, and Ogden Newspapers, and a November 1 debate hosted by the West Virginia Broadcasters Association. So far, Morrisey has refused to accept the debate hosted by West Virginia’s major newspapers.


Morrisey is thumbing his nose at the media by trying to dodge the October 14 debate in Wheeling with the major newspapers across West Virginia. Morrisey won’t commit to a debate that is open to the public and includes journalists who know West Virginia’s issues the best because he knows he can’t defend his lawsuit that would allow insurance companies to deny coverage for 800,000 West Virginians with pre-existing conditions.

“It’s obvious that Pat Morrisey is afraid to answer questions from local newspaper reporters,” said Grant Herring, a spokesman for the Manchin campaign. “If Morrisey wants to have more than one debate he can accept the invitation to Wheeling, it’s that simple. It’s sad that Morrisey is so desperate he will do anything to avoid talking about his lobbying career or his lawsuit to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.”

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