Gat Caperton

CHARLESTON, WV— Today, the Manchin for West Virginia campaign released episode 3 of the I Know Joe web series. It focuses on then-Governor Manchin’s successful push to privatize West Virginia’s workers’ compensation system, a move that saved state taxpayers big money and provided better service to workers.

WATCH: I Know Joe – Episode #3: West Virginians Know Manchin Fixed Workers’ Comp

Episode #3 features Gat Caperton, the owner of Gat Creek American Made Furniture in Berkeley Springs, WV.

“Before Joe helped privatize workers’ comp in this state, the system was terrible, and it was really one of the great job killers in West Virginia,” said Gat Caperton, of Gat Creek American Made Furniture. “Today, with a privatized workers’ comp system, people are getting real care, employers are getting support at a fair price, and the state is financially better off with it in place.”

The old workers’ comp system was losing $1 million a day and had an unfunded liability of $3 billion. Today, thanks to Joe’s efforts, the total debt had been reduced to just $29 million. Not only did Joe’s fiscal stewardship save taxpayers money, it helped West Virginia businesses by lowering workers’ compensation premium costs by 70% since 2006. (MetroNews, Dec. 2017)

Caperton continued, “Senator Manchin is an independent thinker. I take pride in seeing him take a common sense approach to what the problems of our nation and what the problems of our state are.”

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