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CHARLESTON, WV— Today, an out-of-state PAC linked to Mitch McConnell started running a false attack ad claiming Senator Joe Manchin doesn’t support building a border wall or strengthening America’s border security. It’s a flat out lie.


Attorneys for the Manchin campaign sent a letter to West Virginia TV stations asking  to take down the deceptive advertisement. Read it here.


“The dishonest attacks in this ad are exactly why Washington sucks,” said Senator Joe Manchin. “I wanted Mexico to pay for the border wall, but they’re not, so we need to do it ourselves to protect this country. I voted with President Trump to support his border wall, anyone who tells you different is lying.”


The Truth: Joe Manchin supports building a stronger border wall.

  • Joe Manchin voted for President Trump’s immigration plan and funding for the Trump wall. [Feb. 15, 2018]

  • “We do need a wall… We are going to do what it takes to secure our country.” — Sen. Joe Manchin. [Fox News, Jan. 25, 2018]



After his vote for the Trump border wall, Manchin said, “I share the President’s commitment to border security. That’s why I voted for his plan. That’s why I fought to ensure the $25 billion he requested for border security was included in the bipartisan deal.” [Feb. 15, 2018]

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