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CHARLESTON, WV —  U.S. Senator Joe Manchin has now been endorsed by the West Virginia AFL-CIO, the West Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association, the United Mine Workers, and HuntPAC, the Political Action Committee for the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Because of Senator Manchin’s work to bring all sides to the table to move West Virginia forward, he has strong support from both the business community and organized labor.

Joe Manchin has always worked closely with West Virginia’s business owners and working families to create jobs that pay well, provide affordable health care, and allow workers to save for retirement. Manchin is fighting to create skills training centers, build a qualified and drug-free workforce, expand broadband, make investments in infrastructure, and encourage businesses to hire veterans.

“It means so much to have the support of both business leaders and labor in this campaign because there is so much more we can do when we are united,” said Senator Joe Manchin. “All sides must come together to create good-paying jobs with benefits for our people. Creating new job opportunities isn’t political — it’s about bringing the right people together to achieve a common goal.”

A total of 240 businesses expanded or relocated to West Virginia during Manchin’s tenure as governor. At that same time, $13 billion worth of business investments were made in West Virginia. As a small business owner himself, Joe Manchin understands that government should be a partner — not an adversary — to businesses.

“The Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce has a strong record of endorsing candidates who are pro-business in their philosophy,” said Bill Bissett, President & CEO of the Huntington Regional Chamber.

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