CHARLESTON, WV— Today, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin filed with the West Virginia Secretary of State to run for re-election. The filing, submitted by his wife Gayle Manchin and granddaughter Kelsey Kirby, comes on the heels of Manchin’s bipartisan work to end the federal government shutdown.

“I’m running again because I know I can bridge the political divide and put the days of division behind us,” said U.S. Senator Joe Manchin. “Nothing will ever get fixed if both parties keep playing the blame game. Washington doesn’t have to suck, and we don’t have to accept gridlock. All it takes is both sides putting the country ahead of politics.”

“I know we can fix it,” the Senator said. “Ending the government shutdown in a bipartisan way is proof of how much we can get done when Democrats and Republicans work together.”

Senator Manchin teamed up again with Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine to forge a deal to reopen the federal government on Monday. Manchin and Collins led the Common Sense Coalition, a group of moderate senators from both parties, to force the Senate leadership to allow the government to reopen.

Manchin added, “We all just suffered through the ugly side of politics that shut down the government, but we were given the opportunity to see the great things that can be accomplished when Democrats and Republicans come together. The events of the past week made it clear that there is still hope and that bipartisanship is still alive. I want to continue to be a problem solver and to get things done for West Virginia and the country that I love.”

Joe Manchin for Senate