CHARLESTON, WV — Today, West Virginians caught a glimpse of the real Pat Morrisey when he refused to speak out and show any support for the United States intelligence community.

Pat Morrisey put his political party ahead of defending the brave Americans working in the U.S. intelligence agencies at home and abroad. Republicans from West Virginia joined Senator Joe Manchin in putting the country first and stood behind the U.S. intelligence community.

Morrisey has dodged questions on the Putin summit and refuses to even issue a statement.


And one candidate dodged the question. Instead of responding to the president’s remarks, West Virginia candidate Patrick Morissey’s campaign asked if Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin had released a statement.

Democrats and Republicans are united in defending this great country, and it’s now obvious that Pat Morrisey’s hardcore partisanship is more important to him than supporting the men and women who keep our nation safe day in and day out.

Joe Manchin for Senate