CHARLESTON, WV — West Virginians are sounding off on the lawsuit Pat Morrisey joined to allow insurance companies to deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. 800,000 West Virginians have a pre-existing condition, and they are angry that Morrisey is leading the charge to let the insurance companies take away their coverage.

Morrisey can run all he wants, but he can’t hide from West Virginians like Robert, Kim, Susan, Elaine, and Reverend Darick Biondi.

Here’s why West Virginians are so steaming mad about Pat Morrisey:

Exponent Telegram Letter to the Editor: “Patrick Morrisey has betrayed West Virginians. The people of West Virginia trusted him to serve as our attorney general, to protect us, but he failed to do that the moment he joined a federal lawsuit to strip away protection of pre-existing conditions for West Virginians. Patrick Morrisey has shown that he cares more about helping the big insurance companies than helping his neighbors. I’ve had over 200 rounds of chemotherapy, and if the insurance companies could drop me for pre-existing conditions, they would do it in a minute.” -Robert Edge Jr., Bridgeport

Public News Service:“I’m dreading what would happen. If pre-existing conditions were off the table, I can’t even imagine what my out-of-pocket costs would be then. I’m sure I would be what they call choked out.” -Brianne Solomon

Herald-Dispatch Letter to the Editor: “Morrisey is leading the effort to allow insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions for West Virginians. It would be a return to the days when the insurance industry could pick and choose what to cover. Pat Morrisey actually wants to allow the big insurance companies to get away with not covering costs for chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma.” -Elaine Harris, Charleston

Parkersburg News And Sentinel: “[My son] is healthy for now but does have a couple of pre-existing conditions and risk factors which could very possibility need attention as he grows older. The mere thought that I would have to pay out of pocket for his health care due to policy changes in the years to come is mind boggling.” -Kim Kramer, Parkersburg

Williamson Daily News Letter to the Editor: “In plain words, if you have diabetes, cancer or any illness in between, you won’t have coverage if Morrisey wins in court. Over 800,000 people in West Virginia families get left behind. I’m writing because I have diabetes and my husband has pre-existing conditions. My family’s healthcare and the healthcare of my neighbors is more important to me than the political agenda of our attorney general.” -Susan Hubbard, Huntington

Fairmont Times: “I’m concerned because any young couple that could be turned down for a pregnancy means that not only does that affect the mother, it also affects the child,” he said. “And if we care about the sanctity of life — which we, as the church, care about that diligently — we better get our ducks in a row and we better get this ironed out.” -Rev. Darick Biondi, of Mount Juliet United Methodist Church

Martinsburg Journal Letter to the Editor: “This is about the health of our friends, family and neighbors. And if Morrisey wins in court, he’ll be taking away coverage for hundreds of thousands of people with pre-existing conditions in West Virginia. Anyone who wants to put sick people at the mercy of the insurance insurance companies is clueless.” – Ken Collinson, Martinsburg

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