by Joe Manchin

When I first came to the United States Senate in 2010, I saw a division between two political parties that was preventing real progress for the people of West Virginia.

People in Washington weren’t interested in bipartisanship — but I believed then, as I do today, that bringing people together is the one and only hope we have for moving our state forward. That’s just who I am. And it anchors everything I do.

Bridge-building in Congress that results in solutions — and gets the job done — is exactly what the people of West Virginia expect and deserve.

That is why I am running for another term in the Senate in 2018.

We in West Virginia are tired of political fighting. We are tired of elected leaders who make decisions based on party lines. We don’t need politicians who switch parties for personal gain. Here in West Virginia, we want opportunities — not opportunists.

I am proud that in recent years, I’ve been able to build relationships and make friends on both sides of the aisle. Because of those relationships, I am in a unique position — and have an opportunity that I am deeply grateful for — to build bipartisan consensus that creates results.

In recent weeks, we saw what can happen when policymakers put politics aside and get to work for hard-working families, with the passage of legislation that secured lifetime health benefits for thousands of retired coal miners and their families.

I worked nonstop for this legislation — bringing lawmakers together, talking to our miners and their families, reaching out to the President, and fighting like hell to get our congressional leadership to push it to a vote.

It worked. And it can work again.

There are so many opportunities and challenges facing our state and our country — from creating good jobs and fighting the substance abuse crisis, to ensuring West Virginians have health care coverage, supporting our seniors and Veterans, and providing the strong foundation our children need to grow and thrive.

I am wholeheartedly dedicated to serving the people of West Virginia — with a spirit of pure bipartisanship at the core of everything I do — in the United States Senate.

My campaign will be for you. For West Virginians who deserve good government — not elected officials who put politics over people.

My hope is in you, and I am eternally grateful that you have put your faith in me — as state legislator, Secretary of State, Governor and now United States Senator.

I will always work with anyone who wants to help our state and our people. And I will always fight against anyone who wants to put our people down.

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